Until the End of the Line (The Winter Soldier)--Complete

Until the End of the Line (The Winter Soldier)--Complete

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This is the third book in my "Captain Charlotte Barnes" series. It is not entirely necessary to read the first two books, of which take place in the first Captain America film and the Avengers, however, it is recommended. This book takes place during the Winter Soldier and, no, it is not necessary that you watch the movie first.


Death. Destruction. Mistrust. That is all that is left of the Chitauri War. After the incident, SHIELD has been under constant surveillance, distrusted by the government after the incident. The world knows what SHIELD has been keeping silent; heroes and monsters. They are among us. The threat is still out there. Some bigger than others. And only the misunderstood can save us. 


SHIELD was built to protect people; to protect those who could not do it themselves but, like a virus, it spread throughout the company. It was an inside job and only those on the other side know who is responsible. Steve Rogers (also known as Captain America) and Charlotte Barnes (also known as Cheetah) get on SHIELD's radar in a bad way after a mission goes awry. As they uncover the truth about the company, Charlotte and Steve are forced to pick sides. What they don't know is that their plan runs deep into blood red territory.

"Most of the intelligence community doesn't believe he exists. The ones that do call him the Winter Soldier."


Disclaimer: I do not own the plot or most of the characters (including Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff), those belong to Stan Lee and the makers of the previous films. I simply own Charlotte Barnes.

marvelous_fan marvelous_fan Jun 12, 2015
Oooooh my GOSH I love your description for the book!!!! Really good!!
CordieJayne CordieJayne May 31, 2015
woohoo !!! This series is awesome :) Keep up the good work :D Can't wait for the next update :)