It's Strange, I Think I'm In Love || VKook

It's Strange, I Think I'm In Love || VKook

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『Tineekin』 By MinYoongiKat Updated Mar 24, 2016

ーWhere Jungkook can't seem to stay out of drama; "I think you're everything I've always wanted."


〜 Used to be "A Weird Kind Of Love"

{This story belongs to me but  most of the characters do not}

Shyanne432 Shyanne432 Jul 01, 2016
NO omg im getting upset... please dont add jikook dndnndjdnf
Taekookie097 Taekookie097 Apr 12, 2016
Agh pls. Dont tell me that there will be a jikook pls pls no hahah sorry im a very big fan of vkoook
minfired minfired Feb 23, 2016
Hellow, mi naem is Jungkookie and Tae ish now mi bestfreeind :3
-molesterkook -molesterkook Nov 01, 2016
FUÇKING HELL I CANT TAKE WITH ALL THE JACKSONS VOICES I SWEAR HES ALWAYS THERE: "cute cute cute cute" just echoing in my head jesus
-molesterkook -molesterkook Nov 01, 2016
ight Suo bitches the names jungcock and I'd like MA nigga to fill me up ;)
papanugs papanugs May 16, 2016
"Yes this is McDonalds can I take your fùckung order" 
                              has anyone seen that meme 😂