[ cobwebs + flies ]

[ cobwebs + flies ]

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planet kid kei By howlllter Updated Mar 13

- dan always hated the idea of secret admirers.
- that is, until phil came along.

[punk!phil x pastel!dan]

trust me the writing in here gets relatively better after chapter three 


glass-hearts glass-hearts Sep 02, 2016
Did you call me? Oh honey I can't go back home if I just arrived!
bigwifoo bigwifoo Dec 01, 2016
Nobody calls me these things but I would embrace these words
                              1.i listen to "emo" music (it's just alternative)
                              2.i have tons of Black clothing 
                               3.i like to think im weird but I love being unique 
                              4.i already know I'm going to hell but that's where I belong😄
trashiefangirl trashiefangirl Sep 08, 2016
I love this fic SM. Dodie is a rebel, Punk!phil is quiet, pastel! Dan is a dick...
StrangeNerd StrangeNerd Feb 26
Me: *saw the title* Cobwebs and flies... What a lovely title
bigwifoo bigwifoo Dec 01, 2016
OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY IM TOTALLY LAUGHING ha ha ha *said in a sarcastic voice*
Misty-Kat130 Misty-Kat130 Sep 12, 2016
Ya right... I guess you're not wearing a flower crown either