Loving You~ (Various x MaleReader Oneshots)

Loving You~ (Various x MaleReader Oneshots)

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El-chan By Secret_Admirer23 Updated Apr 03, 2016

Ah! I just can't stop loving you!

(Various x MaleReader Oneshots)


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J-hopeIsShook J-hopeIsShook Sep 18, 2017
Me: *Joins Tamaki in the emo corner* How's Life
                              Tamaki: Haruhi's mad at me
ShadowOfTheFoxdemon ShadowOfTheFoxdemon May 21, 2016
Haru:Oh my god...I love this kid im babysitting this time...He hug me when i cried on the last chapter and this chapter!
perillous perillous Oct 15, 2016
Does anybody know any countries that arent mentioned in Hetalia that would be good to use?
NeroKitsune NeroKitsune Mar 08, 2016
Ahhhh... persona of Japan matches perfectly to rabid fangirls
Ryan_ew Ryan_ew May 22, 2016
Now is when I realize Yao's name is one letter of from Yaoi.
                              This is okay.
Ryan_ew Ryan_ew May 22, 2016
I think at least 75% of the human population relates to Japan