I Can't Swim- A Free! Haruka X reader fanfiction

I Can't Swim- A Free! Haruka X reader fanfiction

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"Haru! I can't swim!" 

"Y/N You can do it! I'm here with you!"

"I can't swim without you right next to me!"

"Who said I was leaving?"


You and Haru have been best friend since before pre-k. Haru was the serious, protective type, while you were the calm and fun loving type. You had everything in common, even swimming! You couldn't swim though, but no matter, you always came to Haru's swim meets. You stayed away from his friends though, afraid that they wouldn't like you, and convince Haru not to be your friend anymore. Haru knew too, so he didn't speak with you around his friends. One day at his meet, Haru had enough and after he was finished swimming, he went right up to you and started talking. He laughed, smiled, and even gave you a hug. It was the opposite of Haru! His friends were shocked. Once you left he returned to his cold, serious self. What's happened to Haruka?!

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lily_MichaelisWuvhim lily_MichaelisWuvhim Apr 12, 2017
I'm already fangirlinf like I'm obsessed with this show and  especially haru (•////•)
You see here. I easily fall in love with anime boys then in irl i can't find A SINGLE GUY TO LIKE!
Every guy I like is either fictional or is 999 miles across the ocean from me (bts) 
                              *starts crying because is gonna be forever alone*
Alybeary13 Alybeary13 Apr 21, 2017
Random person: "I watch the show for the plot " me: HAHAHAHAHA NO YOU WATCH CAUSE A SMEXY BOY STRIPS 🤤💕😍👌
CupOfTaePlz95 CupOfTaePlz95 Apr 09, 2016
I learned how to swim by my dad throwing me in a swimming pool.....
                              I almost drowned but hey I can swim now!