Set Me Free [complete]

Set Me Free [complete]

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London Setterby By elsetterby Completed

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Miranda Lewis is desperate to get away from her controlling ex--so desperate she leaves him in the middle of the night. She ends up on a remote island off the Maine coast, where she befriends a bubbly shopkeeper, Claire, and becomes fascinated by Claire's son, big, brooding Owen  Larsen, a woodworker who keeps to himself. Even the friendliest locals here are secretive--and Owen is at the center of their secrets. 

Still, Miranda loves the salt air, the craggy coastline, and, most of all, the work of the island's beloved local painter, Suzanna White. Miranda wants to stay--to claim a life of her own, to paint again. But the longer she stays, the more her fascination with Owen increases. Why is there a painting of his stern, handsome face in the art gallery by the beach? And why is everyone so afraid of him?

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She is homeless, a runaway, an artist, and (I'M) NEW IN TOWN!
FredsSeriouslySirius FredsSeriouslySirius Nov 14, 2016
Ugh I hate when they pronounce my name like that. Mine is Susanna.
Glad to know my mind wasn't the only one that was like Danger Zone, orange flashing lights
xoilaxo xoilaxo Feb 14
Vikings ? The Viking age ended in the 12th century, I don't understand this ?
princessrain19 princessrain19 Nov 28, 2016
This story remind me of the movie..which i forgot the title (ofc u are. Couldnt remember anything 😑 *selftalking). So the story is about a girl who runaway from her husband then falling love to the local. Damn why cant i remember a thing.
bestmom60 bestmom60 Jan 22
Hhmmm, can't wait to find out why the portrait is so controversial.