Vampire's Desire (nalu)

Vampire's Desire (nalu)

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romance0906 By romance0906 Updated Mar 06

This takes place In the time that villages a and castles excessed.
The 4 vampire brothers are now at age to have there forever mate. They can sense them anywhere. The 4 brothers are princes, who live in a kingdom of vampires.  The humans hate the vampires with all there soul. Humans think they are evil.

There Forever Mates are humans, the 4 four vampires go and search for them.  When a vampire finds there mate they have extreme desire and want towards them. They get really over protected of them.

Will the vampires make there mates fall in love with them ? Will they be able to clam there mates ? Can they go though all the suffering and troubles  ?

There will be lots of challenges along the way.There will be grate sufferings and heartbreaks to deal with. 

Can the mates survive the change? Will the vampires and there mates get a happy ending? You'll have to read to find out....

Hope u like my story

It seem almost the girls ( Lucy, Levy,Erza and Jurivia had same kind of past e.g. Drunken parents abused them
I'm confused doesn't your mind/brain tell you body what to do orrrr wut????
And no comma after "her"
                              It should be, "I could see her in my dreams."
helen8001 helen8001 Feb 26
I feel like if this is the same erza as the anime, it would be the guy saying help not erza...
Coopsie Coopsie Feb 24
Yea and once your married mate a man must be a service to the woman