Never Judge[Is Complete]

Never Judge[Is Complete]

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Mia Ringwald keeps to herself. Nobody could possibly understand the tortures of her life. 

Maybe Terrence Meyers finally sees the way she lives and is determined to help her- to help her escape the horrid life she is stuck is. 

But Mia is reluctant at first, that is until she falls for him. But to fall is to trust, and can Mia, the quiet invisible girl of the school trust the high powered jock, every girl wants?  

"Hey Mia." 


"Would you like to hang out today. Maybe go to the park or something?" 

I looked into his eyes, they are green today, just like yesterday but they held more brown than yesterday. I bit my lip and looked down at my hands. 

"Sure. I just need to go back to my place to grab clothes." 

"Sure. I'll take you there." 

"Actually you don't have to Terrence." 

"Why." He frowned. 

"I don't want you seeing anything..." 

"No offense Mi," He said tilting my head to meet his eyes. "I already saw it. You can't scare me away." 

That's what I'm afraid of. You need to let me go now. 


Some chapters of this book may be considered "morbid, horrid, gross, disgusting" - but it is a part of what Mia is dealing with. If you don't like it skim over those parts. But those parts are necessary to the story- as "disgusting" as they are. (The "disgusting" chapters only appear for brief paragraphs in chapters, 3,  11, 13 and 25.)

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  • romance

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