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Sonia By scrivener19 Updated 4 years ago
Cynthia Becker is strong-minded woman that refuses to back down under any circumstances. 
    She is a journalist by profession and is a self-confessed adrenaline junkie. As a journalist, she uncovers a shocking story about Neil, a Senators son. She doesnt know what to do next? Should she expose the story or use it to her advantage? 
    In the mean time, Neil figures out that she is after him and sends people to keep her under control.
I did not think your Chapter was short by any means. Sometimes for people with short attention spans. *coughs embarrased* Its always good to keep it short and simple, in my book the longest chapter is 3 pages.
Not my favourite genres, but this was written pretty well and I enjoyed reading it...
I think this is a great start to the story. Answering you question at the end, yes it was short but as it was the introduction it was fine :) Love it !! *voted*
I think that was a great start and I enjoyed reading in a lot! Off to read the next chapter now!
I love investigative journalism stories!!! You started out really strong!  Your main character is really likable and relatable.  Reading on!
I love the song in the beginning xD I like it already and am going to go read more [; Fanning, Voting, and all that jazz<33