Superfamily: Peter and Wade  (A Spideypool story)

Superfamily: Peter and Wade (A Spideypool story)

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jdjdie By senpaicangotohell Updated Apr 16, 2016

Peter starts a relationship with Wade Wilson, aka freelance hero Deadpool. Steve and Tony don't know, or at least that's what Peter thinks. 

Tried to keep it mostly Spideypool but there is a bit more Stony than I intended. Whoops.

• sexual occurrences
• strong language
• mature themes

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  • marvel
  • spiderman
  • spideypool
  • stony
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DestinyGoneCrazy DestinyGoneCrazy Nov 21, 2017
For some reason for years I've bit it like a vampire to open it, idk why.......
DestinyGoneCrazy DestinyGoneCrazy Nov 21, 2017
He's rich you can have hibachi for dinner every day and you choose spaghetti, well do it for the papyrus
Suzsuzlynn58 Suzsuzlynn58 Jun 29, 2017
Wash My Little People?
                              XD I'm cringing hard at the comments. . . Whelp me! XD
JazzyPotatoPanda JazzyPotatoPanda Aug 27, 2017
Why'd it take so long to realize...
                              It's Steve and Tony as the dads, gay marriage. I ship it... ❤️❤️❤️
AmeliaHarris4 AmeliaHarris4 Dec 23, 2017
Steve: *snaps wooden spoon in hand* HELL NO! MY KID AINT DOIN NONE O DEEZ MARAJAWANAS
UnknownImposter UnknownImposter Aug 18, 2017
A wild interrobang has been spotted. It is a very rare specimen so we have to be careful not to scare it away.