We Sorta Kinda Just Happened (A Drarry Boyxboy Story)

We Sorta Kinda Just Happened (A Drarry Boyxboy Story)

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Tina By alphabirdgirl Updated Mar 27, 2016

The Wizarding World isn't done with Harry Potter yet. Seventh year had been a mess for the Golden Trio, and with Hermione's pleading, it's back to Hogwarts they go for an eighth year. 

Only, they aren't the only ones with hopes of making up a disastrous year. 

Enter wronged Hufflepuffs, uncomfortable epiphanies, a lack of pining for one's supposed The One...

Dragons and Snakes, broken bottles, haywire spells...

A snarky blonde-haired ferret with uncomfortable feelings, and a tired hero willing to give second chances...

Hogwarts is in for a treat, and the adventures probably won't (or can't) stop there.


(And if you adore the new cover, all my thanks go to @infectedz0mbie ! )

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I never want to hear about merlin's butt ever again, thank you-
Why is this so relatable? Like ask this daily, but i also get winded going down stairs daily.
GodHatesLacey GodHatesLacey Dec 09, 2016
I have absolutely no freaking clue who you are. 
                              But I like you.
willowcutlerr willowcutlerr Jan 27, 2016
You are my spirit animal. Well you would be if Umbridge wasn't ;)
What is it unhealthy to or something? Pshh *forced laughter* oh f*ck it is? *more forced, scared laughter* good job that.... Thats not me ahaha....