Different Playing Fields (August Alsina)

Different Playing Fields (August Alsina)

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BeautyAndTheBrain By BeautyAndTheBrain Completed

It's been simple for O'Shae; You go to school all your life, get a degree, get a good paying job, kids, a nice home and live out your years in retirement when it's all said and done. That's how it's been, how things have always been according to her family, but that isn't how O'Shae's seen things. She knows there's much more to life than what she's seen and she knows she can do more than the All-American-Dream, she just never had anyone to show her what more she can do. 

August has not had it easy in the least bit. Hustling his way althrough life and finally graduating high school, he doesn't know what to do next, until an acceptance letter from a college comes in the mail. No one would expect the name to be August's, but it is and now it's time for the hustle to go to school. 

A BeautyAndTheBrain original. 

All Rights Reserved 

Anything stated in this book is pure fictional and if any events are similar it is by pure coincidence!

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So let’s say he have a son in the future and somebody come up too his son and be like “Ayy you CaPree son “😭😭corny
Jp_0707 Jp_0707 Nov 30
Damn, OK and... Y'all just straight dogging the song. It's the same song just with August Alina in the first part 🙄
Jp_0707 Jp_0707 Nov 30
That's why I can't have my family around any boy thats just my friend
dh5114 dh5114 Oct 10
Everybody thinking about juice I thought about those pants 😂😂😂
xox_kai_xox xox_kai_xox Aug 21
It had a boy who looked like that when I uses to be in high school 😂😂
LexiiBihh LexiiBihh Nov 20
Awww u kept his name in this one😁😁😍😍😍😍😍