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Arkham Doll [Arkham City Fanfic]

Arkham Doll [Arkham City Fanfic]

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tash By tashbumblebee Completed

Chaos has erupted in Gotham City once again, but this time for another reason. A man by the name of Doctor Hugo Strange has created a super prison called 'Arkham City', located in the middle of Gotham, in hopes to protect the citizens that have had to defend themselves from the psychopaths that call Gotham 'home'.
  Anika Lionheart, a young lady whose obsession is to 'fix' the people of Gotham, is thrown into Arkham City along with many other petty criminals, low life thugs, and Batman's most dangerous foes, The Rogues Gallery.
  During her stay she'll discover dark secrets that are better left unknown, as she battles the likes of Batman, The Clown Prince of Crime himself, and Hugo Strange, who has a secret plan for the prisoners of Arkham City.
  [Cover created by @-enduphere]
  [Reviews are greatly appreciated]

Im sorry but theres a certain point when nothing the joker does can even make youmbat an eye
Better lookout Nba BATMAN if she comes after you...well...your on your own.
I'm sorry...I had to say this but u used Jessica Jung in the cover
dinogirlcz dinogirlcz Dec 09, 2016
Rip she's right I wanted a damn coloring book. Sofia the first please
Leapflame Leapflame Apr 17, 2016
Cool. This should be good. Just wondering why the Ugly Doll because by the sounds of it she is trying to color up or fix up people not make them ugly...
Miss_Derps_A_Lot Miss_Derps_A_Lot Jun 20, 2016
Any opening chapter with the Joker is guaranteed to win me over XD