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D For Danger ( Trafalgar Law's Love Story ) One Piece Fan Fiction

D For Danger ( Trafalgar Law's Love Story ) One Piece Fan Fiction

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♔ f h a n e l l a ♔ By Fhanella Updated Sep 01, 2016

"You're God's natural enemy. I'm one of the Gods. We both have always been, star crossed."
Trafalgar D. Water Law decided to cure a girl who called herself Picasso, from her partial amnesia. Picasso however, was masking under amnesia and hiding a huge secret from Law.
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    The name "Andromeda" was inspired from an ancient Greek mythology about an Aethiopia Princess being send as a sacrifice to a sea monster and was saved by Perseus, the son of Zeus and Danae. The reason for the use of this name is to portray the innocence of Andromeda (OC) that has to suffer because of her parents' actions and her meeting with her savior (Law) at the sea.  
    The other name "Picasso" was taken from the famous Spanish painter and co-founder of the Cubist movement "Pablo Picasso". Two things why I choose Pablo Picasso; the city Dressrosa that Law was tied to the Donquixote family resembles Spain and he likes to take people's hearts in a shape of a cube.       
    The story plots are entirely my own idea and non canon. Moreover, the pictures and videos used in this fanfiction belong to the rightful artists. I would like to say thank you for reading, liking and commenting. I'll try my best to bring forth a good story! ♡
    Note: According to One Piece resources, Trafalgar Law's technique called "Shambles" is actually "Chambres" - French word for "Rooms" supposedly. This has been issued by the Editor of Shueisha (Oda-sensei's editor) towards VIZ and Funimation Translations. In regards to this, I've make the changes from Shambles to Chambres (in respect).

animeswagg animeswagg Jan 13, 2016
........ I'm sorry but I just imagined Law imitating a worried mother and just freaking laughed my ass off
cranerain cranerain Jun 13, 2015
Picasso! Such an unique name! I like it!! Maybe I should look up more on artists these days, like e name of the painter who drew The Scream (⌯꒪͒ ૢ∀ ૢ꒪͒)