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Bill Cipher's Daughter (Dipper x reader)

Bill Cipher's Daughter (Dipper x reader)

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Mama Odie By AngelWolfline Completed


          I woke up to a sliver of sunlight in my eyes.I got up and yawned,while stepping on the ground.

I picked out my outfit which was a black and white striped t-shirt with Jean shorts that reached the top of my knees and black converse.I let my h/l hair down and walked down the steps.

       Dad was getting up as well but he was still in his pajamas.I quietly giggled at his childishness.He had on pail yellow t-shirt and bottoms,but they were patterned with darker yellow triangles.

'How much does this dude loove triangles and yellow?'He shot me a tired glare.

   "Very much,thank you for asking."he says.

      Dang it!I forgot that he could read minds."Sorry dad."I said.He mumbles a mhm and goes into the bathroom and changes into his clothes.I go down the rest of the stairs and go into the kitchen.Nothing satisfies me so I make a bowl of Coa-Coa Pebbles

(A/n:Team Coa-Coa!).

     While I am eating I hear my dad come in.He now has on a purple t-shirt wi...

It's the one cereal that's magically delicious without the use of magic marshmallows! ( I hate lucky charms)
It's called false love also known as Disney movie love. You watch too many Disney movies my friend. GOODBYE MY LOVER GOODBYE MY FRIEND.
He seems as more of a roommate or an older brother than a dad.
My name's Belle, but you can call me Emily. Yeah, cause that makes sense
MaddieMadHatter64 MaddieMadHatter64 2 days ago
I read the last sentence quickly and though it said " Blah Blah something or another to fill my mind with noodles"
Cuj0m0nty Cuj0m0nty Jun 13
*jumps through fifth story window with parachute to get outside*