THOR - The Glam Rock Musical [Norse Mythology]

THOR - The Glam Rock Musical [Norse Mythology]

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[NOT Fanfic but Norse mythology ] Welcome to THOR - The Glam Rock Musical!

Told through original Glam Rock music and poetic prose, THOR - The Glam Rock Musical is a fantasy-comedy set in the world of the Norse gods.  It tells the story from the original Viking Edda poem Þrymskviða where Thor loses his hammer and must convince Frejya, the Goddess of Love and War, to marry Thrym, the Frost Giant, to get his hammer back. When Frejya refuses, Thor and Loki take matters into their own hands and disguise themselves as Frejya and her maiden to win back Thor's power, Mjølner.

With eighteen original song tracks by a merry band of artists made specifically for this story, you will get a unique experience of "music and lyrics". Each chapter has poetic scene action in between the lyrics, and you can listen to the music via the picture link at the top of each chapter. Reading the scenes and lyrics along with the music will provide a richer experience.

Glam Rock genre:
Glam rock is a style of rock and pop music that developed in the early 1970s.  It is full of character and theatrics and has produced many anthems.  Some Glam Rock artists include David Bowie, Queen, Europe and Led Zeppelin.

The dynamic duo, Dag-Jarle Nilsen and ElleJay are the creators of  THOR - The 
Glam Rock Musical.

Jan Thore Grefstad as Thor
Karl-Rune Rubach as Loki
Synnøve Gustavsen as Frejya
Tord Erlend Lunde as Thrym/Odin/Narrator

Original Tracks:
1. Let's Have A Party Tonight
2. I Had A Dream
3&4. Coolest God / Back On Track
5&6. Zombie Walk / Love Is A Dangerous Thing
7. It's You
8. Beautiful Freyja
9. Feathers
10. How Fare The Gods
11. Beautiful Skies
12. Tidings And Trouble
13. Real Man
14. Walk Like A Girl
15&16. In Giant Land / Give Me Wine
16. Big Bad Wolf
17. We Need A Hero
18. We're Gonna Rock

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