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Hunter Of The Night (Phan AU)

Hunter Of The Night (Phan AU)

27.1K Reads 1.8K Votes 19 Part Story
whatsaphan By whatsaphan Completed

Phil is a vampire who believes that humans and night creatures should live amongst each other in harmony. Dan is a vampire hunter, part of the clan, and believes that vampires like Phil don't exist.

Storm1001 Storm1001 Nov 17, 2016
never mind she's gonna mess with my ship  *throws her to the vamps*
friskthecat friskthecat Feb 18
well Phil, yer just a special bean *messes up Phils hair* and now yer a special bean WITH MESSY HAIR
kt123456s kt123456s Jan 13
Voodoo spell or iner gayness , I have to say probably both but mainly to iner gayness
Trying to think of anyone else that seeks vengeance on the race that killed their parents much
i was about to squawk and fight a bîtch, but remembered she is liTERALLY LIKE 14. age difference my doods
*pulls Phil away* *shouts of Marcus* *lets Marcus eat her* *walks away*