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☆゚.*・。゚ By DangoGalaxy Updated Feb 13, 2017

❝ 둘, 셋, 방! 탄! 안녕하세요 방탄소년단 입니다! ❞

Please don't take these and use them for yourself, at least ask me first. I hope you enjoy my BTS imagines. Happy reading!

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updates are irregular, just to let ya know...they're also quite slow bc of my tired mind

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- - Aug 26, 2017
everyone, look how yoongi can be the meme boy of bts after jungkook.
Istanmyself2 Istanmyself2 May 30, 2016
                              Member: jungkook 
                              Theme:  sweet
                              Example: he meets her on a tour at a signing and gives her his number then they keep meeting at the end he proposes on the stage at a tour and she says yes
cupidtae cupidtae Feb 09, 2016
name. Jenna
                              member. Yoongi
                              theme:fluffy but maybe some jealousy or saves her from a guy. 
                              scenarios:basically what you want. :) 
                              extra:she's from America, 5'5, brown hair.
daniczzie daniczzie Jan 29, 2016
I will request again this is for my cousin Chin yoon
                              Name:Chin Yoon
                              Scenario: Surprise her pls
rytrack rytrack Feb 05, 2016
Name: Reeyana
                              Member: Jungkook 
                              Scenario: Surprise me maybe? XD
                              Theme: Angst and/ or happy ending maybe?
carol0788 carol0788 Feb 17, 2016
Name: Carol
                              Member: Taehyung
                              Theme: jealousy, angst, happy ending
                              Scenario: Surprise me pls. :)