Experimental Brother? Experimental Lover?

Experimental Brother? Experimental Lover?

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Melanie Eberheart By XxNekocoxX Completed

Jason has agreed to be the new test subject in exchange for his parents safety. As soon as he gets there he hates it. You can't trust anyone and the rules are strict. He keeps his courage but, it gets harder by the day. Plus, he has to deal with seeing Dylan hurt too. He is determined to get out. But, how can he? Security is tight, you have an escort everywhere you go, and you can't even go outside. Who can get out of a place like that? 

This is book two to my fist book, Adopted Brother? Adopted Lover?. If you haven't read that then you should go check it out. This is also a boyxboy book. Don't like? Don't read. Others, enjoy! 


  • boyxboy
  • experiments
  • hate
  • love
  • needles
  • torture
  • yaoi
Anime_QueenFujoshi18 Anime_QueenFujoshi18 Oct 09, 2016
Hey y'all I did not know he was his brothers I must of skip a line or something like bruh OMG
SelfishWish SelfishWish Feb 18, 2016
AAAHHHH!!! I can't read this anymore! I just CAN'T!! My voice will go hoarse if I keep yelling every time something like this happens!! Damn it, why does this book have to be so good!?
Shino-Yoshiru Shino-Yoshiru Dec 10, 2016
He should have told his parents and got them to move out the country to the other side of the world
XxanimeloverxX123 XxanimeloverxX123 Jul 24, 2015
I will vote, I did comment, I'm already following you and I will definitely STAY AWESOME!!
Shirosaki_ Shirosaki_ Jul 19, 2015
i love it. pls update. i am the stalker follower who will read all ur books xD srry i barely vote tho cus im lazy af. ur stories are bomb af so keep writing!!
Underworld_Entity_1 Underworld_Entity_1 Jul 16, 2015
reading this chapter killed me because I already knew what was going to come in the next... : (