Something Flowery (Hinny Fanfiction) {Completed}

Something Flowery (Hinny Fanfiction) {Completed}

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Book 1 of 3 (Complete)

"Love wasn't the way you felt as you looked at someone. The stirring in your stomach. It was the complete willingness to throw yourself in front of a knife to save them. And it was having the nerve to accept this, because you'd rather die a thousand times than to see them get hurt."

A Soul Bonded Hinny fanfiction. Jily lived too. Romione at a slightly younger age, more pronounced than in the books at least. I do not own Harry Potter, JK Rowling does.

Harry James Potter was always a different boy. Wether because he was a marked man, or because of his family, he never realized just how strange he was.

That is until the Bond started to grow.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters used besides three or four OC's. The Bond idea is from Vampire Acadamy (kinda) but I completely made it my own. Almost everything about it is of my own creation, so please don't steal my idea and call it yours. I mean, if you completely changed it and used to basic idea for a fic, but not all of the details that I worked so hard to integrate into this Fanfiction such as The Stages, Visions, Visiting, Guardians, and many more, sure, that's fine. Soulbond is a type of Fanfiction, I just changed it completely to make it my own.

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user51358065 user51358065 Aug 04, 2017
....yeah..Harry and Ginny are match to each other really....
                              CHILDHOOD! Right in the childhood!
NetiVictor NetiVictor Apr 13, 2017
So he still had his nose. I am pretty sure that Sirius kicked it off when he saw Lili and James dead though 😂
Princess_Ginny Princess_Ginny Jul 05, 2017
Rereading and it's still amazing, juat like all your stories😊❤
Hafsah12345 Hafsah12345 Jan 12
What a good kid. My mum tells me to clean up I’m just like UUUGUGUGHGH FINE! My brothers are like BISH PLZ
PerhapsNo37 PerhapsNo37 Feb 18, 2017
Damn I dress in sweatpants (occasionally skinny jeans) and a shirt like a size too big and sweaters. He's got style and is younger than me! That's not fair