Star Wars the Clone Wars: Ahsoka Tano, Growing Up With Jedi

Star Wars the Clone Wars: Ahsoka Tano, Growing Up With Jedi

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Minx By photography14 Updated Jan 09, 2016

In this version of her life, Ahsoka Tano was left on Dagobah after stowing away. In this story; six year old Ahsoka Tano gets left behind after a troop of Togruta men take a mission on Dagobah and little did they know, they had a young stowaway whom snuck out of the ship after landing. Not only was she forgotten but now she's been living on Dagobah by herself for 3 years and in those three years, Shili was blown up by the 1st version of the Death Star.

What happens when two Jedi; Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker go to Dagobah to take down a droid base and run into the force sensitive youngling. What if Ahsoka is the last Togruta, besides Shaak Ti. How will this youngling react to growing up with Jedi? And the twist ......... 
She's blind 

(You can never have a story without a good twist!)
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars the clone wars or Star Wars rebels. Only any possible OC's.

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Phoenix_Undead Phoenix_Undead Jan 03, 2017
Why Ahsoka....and if she didn't have a name why'd you call her Ahsoka.
just_being_me_today just_being_me_today Jan 25, 2017
How would she know? You should just say "I've been here alone for a long time."
storyteller0714 storyteller0714 Mar 02, 2016
Ahsoka doesn't know battle droids/clankers, so she calls them weird metal heads
Edith04McTavish Edith04McTavish Dec 14, 2015
Slight pointer although I know little of the Star Wars world, and forgive if I'm wrong here, but I don't think they spoke English, if you want to refer to English I would recommend 'the common tongue'
- - Dec 06, 2015
In star wars, English is called "basic" so they speak basic technically
FanfictionRanger FanfictionRanger Jun 23, 2015
That will change I bet or else how could he and Padme not have kids Xd