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He was so, so beautiful. And not in just the physical way. 

He was beautiful in what he was. 

Fire and smoke and tall things and candy and laughter and football games he didn't care about and music that he did and I will never be able to forget any of that, and I can't say that I ever want to.


This story will contain upsetting thoughts and actions because of the fact that it's written from the view of a depressed human being.


i would edit this (considering it was written about two years back), but it's cool to leave things where they are. enjoy my older writing, dudes xx

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goddamndoor goddamndoor Jul 18, 2017
I have no idea where Seattle is probably cause I live in Scotland
shelbiec shelbiec Jun 29, 2017
how do you pack up an entire house full of shite in one night
-jennaajoseph -jennaajoseph Nov 27, 2017
for some reason wattpad deleted all of my votes for this book? just another reason to reread tbh
trashthetiffany trashthetiffany Jun 22, 2017
I would ride my bike and my brother would ride his
                              Put cards in our spokes and make our engines sound like traffic
                              When using Pokemon cards please do not use the holographics
shelbiec shelbiec Jun 29, 2017
when my mom told me we were moving I laughed for a solid 10 minutes and then proceeded to cry
screaming_ukulele screaming_ukulele Dec 18, 2017
Everyone's talking about iCarly, and I'm just sitting here thinking about 'Life is Strange'