How to Live Again (A Grey's Anatomy fan fic)

How to Live Again (A Grey's Anatomy fan fic)

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The plane crash happened, But everyone survived. 

Mark is making a plan to propose to his girlfriend, Lexie Grey. They're in a good spot after everything cleared up. Will they end up getting married? 

Callie and Arizona are as strong as ever. They want to have another kid, and they're trying. Will they have a kid? Adopt? Not have anymore kids? 

Meredith and Derek are true lovers. They're what every couple wants to have. They were love at first sight. What will happen to them? Anything?

 Jo and Alex are strong and staying Jolex. Will anything happen with their relationship? 

Amelia and Owen are just themselves. Fantasizing about their future together. 

Jackson and April have a rocky relationship after Samuel. They try to work through it though. Will they make it through all their problems? Or will they crash and burn?

Will everything be good? Will walls be torn down? Read to find out.

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I was so happy and then my heart crumbled into a million pieces!!😭😭
Wtf !!! Why! This is heart breaking! They are as they said in Lexie's dying moments "meant to be"
I loved Lexie and mark so much !!! I'm so happy this books is a thing ! It's an alternate universe where they both survived BRILLIANT IDEA!!!
Elena_is_cool_ Elena_is_cool_ Aug 20, 2016
Daisy_Johnson-quake Daisy_Johnson-quake Jul 16, 2016
I miss mark cause he is so hot I wish I was his girl friend :c