An Ice Dragon's Love(Natsu x reader x Gray)

An Ice Dragon's Love(Natsu x reader x Gray)

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Tiegan Shaw By tiegipiexoxo Updated Dec 28, 2016

(y/n) is a dragon slayer, more specifically an Ice Dragon slayer. One day her Ice Dragon mom left her all alone, making it (y/n)'s life goal to find her.

However, what happens when she meets some certain people at a certain guild? Will sparks fly? Find out in this story! 

(P.S sorry for crappy description! :/)

Akuma1387 Akuma1387 Apr 19, 2017
How come in every Fairy Tail x Reader the reader has long hair?
What blood type are you??? Geez are you Honey sempies cousin or something???
My eyes are blue also, so the bandana must make them pop * Attempts to pop the p at the end but fails( because irl I can't)*
hippolilly hippolilly Aug 19, 2016
Me.  Even when I sleepover at a friends house I'm so moody in the morning
purpleAWESOMENESS20 purpleAWESOMENESS20 Nov 20, 2016
*cough* Kimi No Na Wa *cough* if you get the reference I effing love you
xXNatsu_SwagneelXx xXNatsu_SwagneelXx Jul 31, 2015
                              If you called me that I would have been like,
                              "LET IT GO LET IT GOOOOOOO