Movie Star Best Friend

Movie Star Best Friend

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Renea (Payne) and Tina (Styles) ;) By witches1234 Completed

Hey, this is a short story that my best friend's sister's teacher made my best friend's sister write. She got a 3+. It isn't a One Direction Fanfic, but it is sorta like it. 

All rights go to her. 

In a small town that not many knew about, there were many houses all in one neighbourhood. Not far from the neighbourhood, there was a small supermarket, a couple of family-owned restaurants, and a mini shopping mall. There weren't many people living here, but everyone that did live here were glad they were. On a cool winter morning, the feeling of happiness changed.

                Reading behind the counter Brittany heard a rough cough. She looked up to see Liam Huston, the famous actor and her former best friend, waiting to have his order taken. She pretended not to hear him, so he coughed again. She looked up again, and observed Liam waiting impatiently, with his long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Liam look back at her, confused at first, then it all came rushing back to him. Lookin...

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