Biker-Boy #Wattys2016

Biker-Boy #Wattys2016

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Fluffypinkunicorn By laula8 Completed

Lili is slighly shy and not very outgoing. All she wants is to save money to be able to go to university. She is compassionate, but mostley keeps to herself

Jake is the son and heir of a biker gang's leader. He is ruthless and coldharted. He knows, that the wold is at his feet and takes what he wants.

What happens, when their paths cross, when she saves his life?

  • biker
  • hot
  • innocent
  • posessive
  • protective
  • wattys2016
Cheyenne_Ravenwood Cheyenne_Ravenwood Oct 21, 2017
Same here. I'm just a natural Grammar Nazi, and I don't know if you take criticism or not, but yeah...
bjoerk22 bjoerk22 Jul 15, 2017
Women may be the "weak sex" but without us you would have gone extinct ages ago. People like you is the reason feminism still exist. Women have a higher pain tolerance just so you know it. Weak sex my ass.
All I can think of is Draco Malfoy “my father will hear about this!”
bjoerk22 bjoerk22 Jul 15, 2017
I named after a tree sort in my fathers motherlanguage. You don't get to complain.
Alphaswife Alphaswife Nov 25, 2017
Its good for you that i am not the women infront of you right now.
Andrea_Beleeen Andrea_Beleeen Jul 10, 2017
Okay he's going all Alpha here...calm down don't even now her.