Mortals Meet Demigods (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Mortals Meet Demigods (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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Ezzy 😘💖 By MezzanotteSoldato Completed

So this is your average Mortal Meeting Demigods. Some will be with mist, others without. There will also be a few One Shots and ya. WARNING!! EXTREME CLICHÉS IN YOUR NEAR FUTURE! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! 

Current status: Work in progress, not on hold, updates at least twice a week! 

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Oh hell nah! 
                              'Perfect couple'
                              BISH! YOU DIDNT KNOW HIM WHEN YOU WERE 12!! YOU DIDN'T WALK THROUGH HELL WITH HIM!! Do I need to continue?
Seriously? What's with the gymnastic movements thing? It honestly makes no sense
meli50577 meli50577 Jul 14
I have the biggest temptation to step on her face with my cleats
You most likely look like the evil queen from the original movie not Regina you oncers
U need a dictionary 
                              Because bricks are Jason's thing
                              2. *starts laughing* besides, you called yourself dumb