scary facts and myths

scary facts and myths

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athenagranger32 By athenagranger32 Updated Mar 10

We all have wondered that do  vampires , ghosts , previous birth, aliens, sixth sense and all the stuff like that exists? ????? 
Its in our peculiar human nature to be curious and try to prove everything scientifically and we are aways afraid of the dark brooding unknown...

So here are some of the scientific facts that I have found that could actually prove these supernatural things exists

 it also contains myths and saying and you can all post your opinion I will too:-D

a/n i want to thank ImTrashFyi for this awesome cover.

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Do the person who suffer from this disease crave blood? It's a real disease by the way..
gadzooks296 gadzooks296 Jun 24, 2016
Why do you think it's called vampire disease? Cuz it turns u into a werewolf?
Midnight-M00n Midnight-M00n Jun 25, 2016
I've heard of that but reading about it made it more interesting to me
bulbul033 bulbul033 Aug 16, 2015
I heard about light sensitivity, urine one was interesting as if paranormality taking place in the system also. I enjoyed it
thinkhappiness thinkhappiness Jun 17, 2015
it is really interesting and fun to read 
                              I have been on wattpad for 2 years havent seen anything like this 
                              really love the concept 
                              keep going 
                              and keep promoting you derserve more votes and reads