Margaret Atwood's 'Dear 2114' Future Library Writing Contest

Margaret Atwood's 'Dear 2114' Future Library Writing Contest

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Margaret Atwood By MargaretAtwood Updated May 26, 2015

Write the future with Margaret Atwood 

If you could write a story for a time capsule, one that wouldn’t be opened until the year 2114, what would you say? 

To celebrate the creation of Katie Paterson's artwork Future Library, we’re hosting the “Dear 2114” Future Library writing contest with Margaret Atwood.  

The Writing Contest
Write a story based on one of the following prompts to enter the "Dear 2114" Future Library writing contest: 

*Dear 2114 - Write a story about the advice you would give the world in 2114?
*This is 2114 -  Write a story about what the world be like when the Future Library is opened in 2114?
*Pandora's Room - Write what you imagine are in the stories of the Future Library that will be first read in 2114?

Keep reading for full contest details and how to enter!

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Author-ization Author-ization Jun 20, 2015
                              This is were they have announced the WINNERS TO DEAR FUTURE LIBRARY!
- - Jun 13, 2015
I haven't posted mine here, but I've tagged it, I hope that's ok. I wasn't sure if you needed to post the link here or not.. 
selmiwrites selmiwrites Jun 10, 2015
 I was posting my story seconds before midnight on my phone but it shows up at 12:02 D: is this okay? It was processing a little slowly! 
SydneyClauson SydneyClauson Jun 09, 2015
I have been poking around and I missed it by a couple of hours.
ed_green ed_green Jun 09, 2015
Still a few (well, one and a bit!) hours left... keep them coming!  Here's my entry: