you know you're a sherlock fan when...

you know you're a sherlock fan when...

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- By yuhnggoth Updated Jun 09

these are some things that you would do if you are a hardcore sherlock fan. like seriously, hardcore.

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noxdeborbon noxdeborbon Feb 11
Yep. My friends are terrified to let me anywhere near one, even nerfs!
NightDragonND NightDragonND Sep 03, 2016
Isn't it moriaty fan instead of Sherlock fan? Sorry I may have a spelling mistake
XxMintySunflowerxX XxMintySunflowerxX Oct 23, 2016
I don't bite out the I O U, I bite out the O and carve the I and U with my spork (The reason for the spork is because I only do this at school)
Writographer Writographer Jun 07, 2016
I tried once...but failed and everyone thought I was insane.
- - Oct 10, 2016
My gun lies just in front of me. Wait what wth. How could you know that?
SuperWhoLock_Family SuperWhoLock_Family Sep 18, 2016
Every time I'm bored but I'm too young to legally use a gun and my mom would probably kill me