you know you're a sherlock fan when...

you know you're a sherlock fan when...

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「heisei」 By -oldscars Updated Sep 29

these are some things that you would do if you are a hardcore sherlock fan. like seriously, hardcore.

slow updates, because I'm running out of ideas since SERIES 4 WON'T COME OUT.

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Isn't it moriaty fan instead of Sherlock fan? Sorry I may have a spelling mistake
I don't bite out the I O U, I bite out the O and carve the I and U with my spork (The reason for the spork is because I only do this at school)
I tried once...but failed and everyone thought I was insane.
- - Oct 10
My gun lies just in front of me. Wait what wth. How could you know that?
Every time I'm bored but I'm too young to legally use a gun and my mom would probably kill me
A few days ago I was bored out of my mind so I asked my mother "can I have a gun? I want to shoot the wall." So she stared at me and asked why the hell I need to do that. I said "I'm bored." She stared at me with an odd expression and didn't say anything.....😂😂