The Alien

The Alien

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Susan McKenzie By SueMcKenzieAuthor Completed

When Lilliana crashes her ship into a primitive planet, she has to lay low to survive. The pale-skinned locals haven't cracked interplanetary travel yet, and she doesn't think they'll respond well to her presence. But she needs some help to survive - injured and alone, she's vulnerable until her brother arrives to rescue her.

Fortunately, the first local that Lilliana meets is Jarath. They may not be able to speak to each other in anything beyond basic gestures, but Lilliana doesn't think the strangely alluring Jarath would hurt her. Everyone else on the planet? Not so much... 

With others of Jarath's kind searching for her, the race is on. But who will get to her first - her brother, or the aliens out to do her harm?

  • alien
  • crashlanded
  • injured
  • paranormal
  • planet
  • romance
  • sci-fi
  • ship