The Branded Hunters Trilogy: The Masked Musician (On Hold)

The Branded Hunters Trilogy: The Masked Musician (On Hold)

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89201 By RubixCube89201 Updated Nov 26, 2013

The Masked Musician is a famous bounty hunter who came out of the shadows. She is famed all over of Endeavia. But not much of anything about her is known, though there are rumors here and there. Her beauty is far beyond anything you'll ever gaze upon, her singing voice is as beautiful and alluring as the Sirens of Greek Mythology. And her amazing power to control music with a flick of her wrist that can make even the most strongest of opponents go down on their knees. Anyone with a bounty on their head, you must be warned. When you see a lovely girl, wearing a mask revealing only her beautiful green eyes and has a tail of fur that scurries around her shoulders that seems to belong to a small animal. 


Run at first sight and never look back.

Jazmine5192 Jazmine5192 May 13
That's how I am with the Packers 😂 My dads side of the family is obsessed with them, so I just go along with it
This almost like Dark Angel its really a good series 5 seasons
i dont think theres something wrong with it RubixCube ... I loved it .. please continue writing this PLEASE ... update please ... I BEG YOU ...
Jazmine5192 Jazmine5192 May 13
Whyyyyy???? The book just started and already my heart's broken.
That's an awesome power Melody! And the name, similar to mine! ♥
Sally2343 Sally2343 Oct 18, 2015
The tattoos representing their powers remind me of my little pony is that weird