The Flower Amongst Us

The Flower Amongst Us

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Meznah By GreetGoat Updated May 19, 2017

"The first rule you should abide by is to not defy me." Zeus turns to look at the epitome of perfection in front of his gaze. He approached his tiny Mate, towering her, power radiating from his built body, and ever so slightly whispered venomously "Ever." 
Aurora shifted uncomfortably lowering her head further, stumbling upon her words "Y-yes, your Majesty." 

unnoticed, untouched; preference was solitude, interest was books. 
An empty, unseen beauty she was; until he comes along 

Every year in the Lycan Kingdom, a ball is held in the month of December in honor of the Alpha King's throne succession, where every living werewolf is to attend. But, little did Aurora know that the moment she meets his eyes, everything changes.

  • alpha
  • alphaking
  • alphamate
  • beast
  • betrayal
  • cruel
  • kidnap
  • king
  • love
  • lovetriangle
  • lycan
  • mate
  • monster
  • possessive
  • romance
  • vampire
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sisteremily sisteremily Nov 14, 2017
You know whenever i read a book with Aurora in it i always picture them with blonde hair until they tell me what hair color it is lol.... sleeping beauty hahaha
ShayFord1D ShayFord1D Apr 29, 2017
I thought you left meeeeee
                              I loveed the original one butttttt
                              I can't wait for it to be even better
aishhhh_k aishhhh_k Apr 22, 2017
Oml I'm so happy you're back .i legit feel like crying 😭 I'm so excited for u have to bring .i know I'm gonna love what you're gonna write already.this has made my day😭❤️thank you so much xxx
RoraBorialis RoraBorialis May 31, 2017
moreliketurdcrapley moreliketurdcrapley Jul 21, 2016
I'm honestly just feel like a proud mother to see people saying no to slut shaming on here.
TheCrazyDemigod TheCrazyDemigod Feb 16, 2016
... Dude this book is killing me it's 12 at night and if my mom wakes up I'm dead