Meet The Boss! [Sequel of MTNG] (Completed)

Meet The Boss! [Sequel of MTNG] (Completed)

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Juvia By satsuki-sama Completed

After 6 years that they have been separated from each other. Natsu made a huge comeback. He became the CEO of the END Company.

Lucy Hearfilia is now 25 years old. She is the owner of the Love and Lucky Clothing lines. A very famous brand of clothes in Japan. Even though she already has her own business, she still wants to work as a public servant. She wants to work as an EA of a company. 

She tries to apply in different company but she's not accepted. But a certain company accepted her, it's the END Company . She's very happy that she was accepted but when the time he is going to meet her boss, tears started to flow from her eyes. Because her boss is the same person as the man that cause her so much pain in the past.

What will be the future between them? Will Lucy ever forgive Natsu for what he has done? Or they will remain as stranger forever?  

This sequel will tell you that if your two are meant for each other fate will find a way, even though you two might get separated, the red string that connects you will lead the way to each other.
This is the Second book of Meet The Nerd Guy. READ BOOK 1 FIRST BEFORE READING THIS!

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail characters. It belongs to Hiro Mashima.

iLuushie iLuushie May 06
It's funny because if I were Lucy and I saw a company that had END in it if go running in screaming Natsu. 😂
If he hurt her really bad..., I will ...nevermind *evil laugh*
Hi LAST how are you doing LAST seriously what kind of nickname is that? Not to be rude just stating my opinion
Partyfreakgirl7 Partyfreakgirl7 Nov 30, 2015
Haha, nobody noticed but the initials  still spells END haha, I'm smart, I'll check off my list of things to accomplish
Fairytail2015zc Fairytail2015zc Nov 13, 2015
LAST hi LAST how you doing? Ha I would never tell ANYONE to call me LAST