If only... - Assassination Classroom Akabane Karma x Oc

If only... - Assassination Classroom Akabane Karma x Oc

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Heyyy By Yuikichii Updated Oct 20, 2017

Remi Asano was an un-wanted child. Her mother disappeared while her father--Gakuhō Asano--who gained custody of her did not need her at all. She was supposed to be kept a secret, a mysterious child lurking in his mansion...That was all she was, lower than any servant in the household. No one knew about her, and the people who did never acknowledged her.

But one day, a chance arrives. When her father assigns her to class 3-E to find out and report their secrets, she was more than willing to take it. She saw it as a chance to prove her worth, he saw it as a way to achieve his ideal school...But that did not matter.

Remi joins the class. But what she experienced there was more than what she had bargained for. Will she fit in? How will she fare in the assassination of the un-killable Koro-sensei? And, will she find love in the harsh world?

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ALittleBitOfAlex ALittleBitOfAlex Dec 27, 2017
Another daughter!? Are you tryna hint at the fact that gakushū is actual a girl? Is that why he cant pull no girls and only karma? 😂
Most_Random_Person Most_Random_Person Sep 24, 2017
I kinda ship Nagisa x Karma though... (Yes, I support it ^.^)
Alicemoon888 Alicemoon888 Aug 16, 2016
so long as you at least recognize his badassery it's A-OK with me. I look forward to reading ^^
snafumaniac snafumaniac Jun 22, 2016
I don't like okudaxkarma either I'm more of a AsanoxKarma fan
Ia-Aria Ia-Aria Sep 03, 2015
I did enjoy!!! It's great and I can't wait to see Karma!!!!!!
RainzDrop RainzDrop Jun 25, 2015
Thank you! someone who actually agrees with the not shipping karma x Okuda or Nagisa....I ship Karma with myself~  x3