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odetopeace By odetopeace Completed

When Josh and his friends decide it's finally time to get their own place, they chose a cosy, family home in Suburban Columbus. It all goes great until they make one, fatal error. 
Attempting to contact the spirit world is risky enough, but doing so using a Ouija board in this particular house is practically a death wish. Josh and his friends soon realise the disastrous mistake they made as the house's dark history rises from the dead.

Tbh if I went to hell I feel like I would complain and argue with satan the whole time and he would get tired of me and send one of his demons to escort me out
Wannabe_Emo_Freak Wannabe_Emo_Freak 20 hours ago
Just waiting for someone to jump out of the mattress like WELCOME TO AMERICAN HORROR STORY YOURE GOING IN THE BASEMENT WITH THE OTHERS
"Is it dangerouse to use a Luigi board?"-P.T. Sexkik.
                              Not sorry.
queendingaling queendingaling Dec 26, 2016
It could be daylight and I'd still be able to trip over things that aren't there on flat feet
sunflowerjosh sunflowerjosh Nov 26, 2016
*dabs* I am the one don't weigh a ton don't need a gun to get respect up on these streets
tylersdoubt tylersdoubt Nov 23, 2016
i literally pictured brendon urie and then i realized it actually said brandon oops