Perfect World Somewhere

Perfect World Somewhere

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"Perfect World Somewhere" is now a Featured Sci Fi novel! Thank you to the Wattpad team and all of you fantastic readers and friends who have made my millennium ;) I hope this story inspires and uplifts others as much as it has me.
Lily Fairpoole is a girl of many talents. Gifted with a brilliant mind and a beautiful singing voice, she excels at an early age, working as her father's apprentice in their robotic maintenance shop. Her loving family and complacent life in the rural town of Plumgrove are sheltered from the outside world, though the War with the Pruessian Empire has raged across Earth for two generations.

Even the most peaceful havens fall on Black Sky Day, as the robotic armies of the Kaezer devastate the homeworld. Faced with overwhelming destruction, Lily and her loved ones begin a journey driven by sacrifice, and the will to remain free.

Lily's struggle takes her to the strongholds of the resistance, the dreaded ration camps of the enemy, the glittering and powerful off-world colonies, and finally to the Ruby lift--the swanky and yet often  chaotic space elevator operated by the Royal Crown Orbital Plaza and Resort.

Chromed and streamlined rocketships, heroic robots, brave revolutionaries, flappers, and plenty of jazz! A blend of early twentieth century eras and possible futures, as well as a coming-of-age story, this is the first complete novel in my retrofuturistic "Family of Earth" series.  This novel is in revision status, so please feel free to comment and leave any feedback.

Note: This story contains violence and dark situations, in an apocalyptic setting.