Avengers • Imagines & Preferences

Avengers • Imagines & Preferences

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Hello there! Yes, this is an amazing collection of Avengers + Marvel imagines and preferences. The characters I will do are:

• Bucky Barnes
• Steve Rogers
• Bruce Banner
• Tony Stark
• Peter Parker
• T'Challa

PM open for requests! Anyone in the Marvel universe is up for grabs. (Except for female characters. They're personally hard to write for)
I'm down for any imagines. Let's get this show on the road!

Name: Lynx Delmastro
                              Avenger: Pietro Maximoff
                              Description: Strawberry blond hair, green eyes, tall, lanky, introverted, strong-willed
                              Scenario: Lynx is in the military and gets wounded and her arm had to be amputated. She comes home and Pietro tries to cheer her up.
KatMeow5000 KatMeow5000 Aug 24
DEADPOOL! If you do him i will be so happy. I know that he isn't an avenger, but nether is Loki.
Steve said "if you get killed walk it off" so did peitro walk it off?