Lost Boy (Kanato x Reader)

Lost Boy (Kanato x Reader)

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➵ KT ; 민혁 By sakamaki_triplets Updated May 20, 2017

" in which a girl meets a boy with a bad case of amnesia, resting on top of a tree. 

oh and he's lost too. "


(AN: ANOTHER KANATO X READER!This is fanfiction btw, so if you're looking for realistic things then i suggest you get out and go to the non-fiction side of wattpad. The anime doesn't belong to me :D

Lowercase is intended too )

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justanothernctzen- justanothernctzen- Jun 18, 2017
Oh sure u'll definitely see ketchup in the park on the ground like that
SakuraYuri307 SakuraYuri307 Sep 14, 2017
2413 made me cry man. That wasn't normal for me. I don't cry... Never! But that was *aggravated sigh* that made me cry for the first time for as long as I can remember.
Senpai_Kanato Senpai_Kanato Apr 11, 2017
Admin-Sama: I sleep when my body tells me tto, and wake up when it wants me to...My sleep schedual is unpredictable
BasicallyCheese BasicallyCheese Apr 23, 2017
First thing when u see blood 
                              0-0 "meh its ketchup" *get fries and dips in "ketchup"
bdudkleoh bdudkleoh Sep 05, 2017
Cuz there's just randomly some ketchup on the ground haha #everydaystruggles 😂
shxtxdxwn shxtxdxwn Sep 01, 2017
That moment when you wake up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon everyday