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My Little Vixen

My Little Vixen

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bricute3 By bricute3 Completed

"You have a choice. The life of a human or of a wild fox...I chose the fox."
Derek Carters has recently become Alpha to Blue Moon pack. He's not the most...polite person you could meet. Derek likes to keep to himself, but at the same time he intimidates his pack to no extent. On the outside he's a tough gruesome leader, but on the inside... maybe that's another story.

There can only be one person to crack his hard shell and break down his walls. His mate.

But one thing he didn't count on was his mate being a fox shifter who's forgotten the ways of living a human life.

Delilah Parkers is a fox shifter, living the life of a fox. The last thing she expected was for her mate to be a werewolf that lives the life of a human. The human life...the thing she fears and has forgotten do.

*My description may not be the best, but if you like foxes and werewolves why not try them together.  Read to find out if you like it!* :)

petite98 petite98 3 days ago
I love it so much.... A fox is very rare for a werewolf to have for a other half...
satkana03 satkana03 Jan 24
BTW can I just say that I love your summary of this book. It's really clever and I like how you opened with sort of a direct quote from the girl's perspective. It's also a really unique twist on the classic fox-werewolf duo.
satkana03 satkana03 Jan 24
I suggest that instead of saying this simply put a dashed line. Like "--------------"
makiagirl makiagirl May 15, 2016
Your book seems very good and interesting great job❤️🍵💯🙏🏽
Friendtoanyone Friendtoanyone Oct 03, 2016
Freak_Society Freak_Society Dec 14, 2015
"Who finds shorts behind a tree."
                              •Boy raises his hand•
                              "You hush Billy!"
                              Lol jk though. Love the book so far.