My Cheating Mate

My Cheating Mate

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Riley Brown By RileyBrown123454321 Updated Jun 13, 2015

Alexis Peters is a 16 year old werewolf. 
Only one thing is different for her. She's got alpha blood as her dad is the alpha of the Half Moon pack. As for a mate she has saved her first kiss, first relationship her virginity. everything for him and can't wait to meet her soul mate, but what happens when she finds out he's the player of the school? 

Jacob Laws is the heir for the Alpha title. He really doesn't want a mate well because why would he want to be tied down when he can have any girl in school. 

Will Alexis be able to overcome the pain of his cheating and move on. Or will she fight to get her mate to change and become the mate she's always has wanted?

blackcat2995 blackcat2995 Dec 10, 2016
OK so if they're in the janitors closet  why not locked the door so his mate could not  get in?
Shijuukara Shijuukara Jul 16, 2016
so he hugs her while his lower half is still in another girl? ...ew and besides that....EW!
ShadowryWriter ShadowryWriter Apr 30, 2016
Let her go a$$wipe don't touch her!!!!! 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅
MadisonHasty MadisonHasty Jan 23, 2016
Please update!!! Awesome start by the way,you've totally got me hooked!!!!!