Drowning Lessons ➳ Frerard

Drowning Lessons ➳ Frerard

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Donna and Donald went through a long and horrible divorce, leaving their Children; Gerard and Mikey to pick between parents. Gerard stayed with mom and Mikey went with dad. After about a year, Donna gets a new boyfriend and they get married, leaving Gerard with a new step-brother, much to his despise. 

But then, Donna gets a horrible phone call one night from the police saying that Frank (Frank's dad) was in an accident and unfortunately didn't make it. She went under extreme depression leaving the two boys with a mother (or step-mother) that was somewhat unstable. So with a mother who was always crying and wallowing in self-pity, will the two boys actually suck it up and talk to each other when there is no one else? 

And maybe they get too friendly with each other...

Bandit_Lee_Way Bandit_Lee_Way Dec 22, 2016
Same. I legit was in a shelter for a week tho ha y'all r just being edgy
All the fanfics i read about franks dad hating him or not even being there and bOI IT FEELS WEIRD TO HEAR HIM SAY THAT
FutureTurtlez FutureTurtlez Dec 30, 2016
JUST DO IT DONT LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS but don't wear heels cause that shxt hurts
MuffinSnuggles MuffinSnuggles 4 days ago
0DD1TY 0DD1TY Jan 10
Me when I thought it was a good idea to read ASOTM for a second time cause idk why but I cried a lot more reading it again
Why must u trigger the 3rd most powerful fandom in the world