Drowning Lessons ➳ Frerard

Drowning Lessons ➳ Frerard

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Donna and Donald went through a long and horrible divorce, leaving their Children; Gerard and Mikey to pick between parents. Gerard stayed with mom and Mikey went with dad. After about a year, Donna gets a new boyfriend and they get married, leaving Gerard with a new step-brother, much to his despise. 

But then, Donna gets a horrible phone call one night from the police saying that Frank (Frank's dad) was in an accident and unfortunately didn't make it. She went under extreme depression leaving the two boys with a mother (or step-mother) that was somewhat unstable. So with a mother who was always crying and wallowing in self-pity, will the two boys actually suck it up and talk to each other when there is no one else? 

And maybe they get too friendly with each other...

Me except I don't have enough confidence to play my music out loud... meaning I've never sung 60% of the songs I love out loud and I've only mouthed them or hummed them lmao I don't have any confidence whatsoever... (I obviously still know all the words to my songs though)
Im just going to read the whole story again bc I rlly liked it
I was a flower boy for a wedding and I ripped my outfit down the ass and I wanted to cry
I don't either okay... I've always had someone else do mine lmao
But that's incredibly rude. Being a parent requires a lot of sacrifice, and to force your child into an agreement that he didn't even agree to because you married the wrong person, therefore ruining his life for a few years?? Wow.
_Calla_ _Calla_ 5 days ago
aye it's me i say this all the time + 'i have no family' became a massive inside joke with me and my friend