Prince Sama's Gaurd

Prince Sama's Gaurd

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Naruto is a prince so is Sasuke. They were friends since diapers but then Minato decided to move out. Years past and when Sasuke is separated from Naruto his sends guards to go and look for him.

But Naruto DOSEN'T remember him?

Further on Naruto gets kidnapped by his Past Boyfriend?


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animeislife208 animeislife208 Apr 02, 2017
Omg can you please spell it right, it's he's not his!!! Sorry it kept annoying me.
leylani1313 leylani1313 Jul 22, 2016
Stop forgetting his name, Silly Author-chan. His name is Sebastian. S-E-B-A-S-T-I-A-N
superlegitness superlegitness Feb 23, 2016
What I think you meant to say was seb... Oh it was already said... ZAMN DANIEL !!!
TheMostTrashOfTrash TheMostTrashOfTrash Sep 06, 2016
I jest imaged, that moment when your mom/dad tells you to say 'bye' and you say it and then see no one's there 😆😆😆
The0Goddess0of0Yaoi The0Goddess0of0Yaoi May 02, 2016
So casual
                              But hey this is how every fairy tale should begin I'm pretty sure many people would think it was funny. 😁
IGiveTheFckUp IGiveTheFckUp Sep 25, 2016
Ah I see you made a mistake ^-^
                              It's not Jake it's Sebastian
                              Sebastian Michaels
                              But it's fine I can forgive you 
                              It's just a little mistake 
                              No biggie ^-^