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My Boyfriends Brother (Watty Awards 2013)

My Boyfriends Brother (Watty Awards 2013)

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epalpebrate By epalpebrate Completed

Tay had the perfect boyfriend, Luke. She thought she loved him even though he didn't want her to meet his family for the first nine months of their relationship. She decides one day to invite herself over to the house she has been to so often with Luke when his family aren't home. Everything changes when James stumbles into the room, hanging out of his ass.

flsa08 flsa08 Jan 22
Ok so at the beginning I thought they were talking about sex so I was like maybe he's gay...? (Nothing against gay people idk if that was offensive or not)
LaurrrenScott LaurrrenScott Sep 26, 2016
I mean is it that amazing I was thinking it before she said it
flsa08 flsa08 Jan 22
Wow that's so much money.... Seriously the shoes I buy are usually around $120
flsa08 flsa08 Jan 22
Ok how old are they because when it said he went to sit with his other friends it sounded like maybe high school than there was the pregnancy thing wth how old are they
ughnaj ughnaj Jun 28, 2016
                              2. Yes, guys are attractive in these (cute one at least)
rubzii rubzii Mar 23, 2015
Well we know what's going to happen now it's so obvious... This tay girl will fall for her boyfriends brother and to make everything better the author will get like and jona together too fu@k obvious... I really hope that doesn't happen