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Bard's Cousin

Bard's Cousin

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💙Stupidity By TwentyOneBlackSirens Completed

Alex was born to a family with no money. But that never put her down.  She joined the military at a young age and disguised herself as a boy. She longed to fight, but instead was used for her brains in weaponry. She could make any weapon and somehow knew how to use a weapon she had never used before in seconds. But the enemy side found out. 

   They abducted Alex and forced her to make them weapons, but she refused. She agreed to make only one weapon in turn for her freedom. They agreed, but sold her to the circus instead. There at the circus, Alex sung to a crowd and lured the children to their certain doom. She didn't want to do it, and she promised herself that she would end the circus. 

   The circus disappeared, but not to her doing and Alex stayed with the undertaker. There she found out of a nearby relative named Baldroy. Who stayed where? No other place but the Phantomhive Manor.

*smiles widely* *urge to squeal* *hyperventilates from struggle* *squeals* *gets punched by a sleeping ghost* Why does this always happen? *passes out*
HHHudson HHHudson a day ago
Come little children I'll take the away into a land of enchantment
Alex must be so triggered😂😂😂
                              (Alex is her nickname, Alexandrea is her real)
beansofjoy beansofjoy May 04
*deep breath*
                              family members: please don't do this
                              god: don't do it
                              707: ....... do it
                              DO YOU LEGITIMATELY THINK THA-
                              triggered.exe has stopped working
RaineClay RaineClay May 27
Um there's a Disney movie character that's a dog and its a villain.
makasaya makasaya Feb 12, 2016
the song ... OH i.............................................
                              LOVE IT