Bard's Cousin

Bard's Cousin

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💙Stupidity By TwentyOneBlackSirens Completed


This is disgusting.

-A name 
- military flunky
-criss cross dressing
-sexually confused midget 
-bs excuses
-pointless rant
-missing scenes 
-more loose holes than a whore
-a fucking crossover bc younger me tried to be cool ((what a bitch))
-new damn character in the last chapter bc I was tired of this shit after the 5th chapter

^^elements of this story

Under editing btw

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HHHudson HHHudson Jun 23
Come little children I'll take the away into a land of enchantment
SO204_ SO204_ Jul 05
This song didn't exist in that time period but fück it this is fanfiction
*looks at my watch, then at the burning tent* well I guess I'll just have another break.
SO204_ SO204_ Jun 25
This is actually really useful
                              They coulda said some really pointless word like "American", or "tea"
makasaya makasaya Feb 12, 2016
the song ... OH i.............................................
                              LOVE IT
CrispHorrizon CrispHorrizon Dec 24, 2016
As soon as I heard that song tittle my brain started singing
                              I freaking love that song