the bet- jack gilinsky// COMPLETED

the bet- jack gilinsky// COMPLETED

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"no kissing, making out, fingering, blow jobs, fucking, making love, me eating you out, or any physical contact for the whole summer." jack said as my breath hitched in the back of my throat. 

"you in?" he took out his hand inferring me to shake it. 

i smirked stupidly and shook my hand into his. 

let the games begin fuckboy gilinsky.

i live in fl yet there is nothing to do. theres the beach and disney world but thats it lmao and i havent been to disney since i was 4. oH AND DISNEY WORLD IS BETTER THAN DISNEY LAND BC DISNEY WORLD IS OG
DaTumblrGirl21 DaTumblrGirl21 Dec 14, 2016
I didn't I was just like it's a bag with stuff I don't care about.
365daysofyou 365daysofyou Sep 15, 2016
If you're white you shouldn't say nigga😑not fuckin cute at all
IIMrsGilinskyII IIMrsGilinskyII Dec 05, 2016
Grey reminds me of Grayson and Brooks reminds me of the brooks brothers haha
coconutsuns coconutsuns Sep 28, 2016
Eww. Karen. Don't ever trusts Karens, last time I did she backstabbed me and made me lose a lot of friends. Fake ass hoe and she wanted me to consider her my best friend, my god.
IIMrsGilinskyII IIMrsGilinskyII Dec 05, 2016
Does anyone else think of Addie from Z Nation or is that just me haha