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I Have Two Mates, and They're Twins?!? *EDITING*

I Have Two Mates, and They're Twins?!? *EDITING*

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ClaryFray4372 By ClaryFray4372 Completed

Evangeline Striker is a normal 16 year old girl except she has unnatural violet colored eyes. She lives with her Aunt(whom has adopted her and her brother), her older brother Callum, and 6 year old brother Max(who is technically there cusion). So, she has some what of a normal family. She goes to DayDream High, a High School, with a twist...
  A pack of werewolves (the Crescent Moon Pack) lives near by. The Alpha of the pack has two twin sons, Jonathan (aka Jon),who is the bad boy with a heart. He is a brunette with gold eyes. Andrew, who is the smart, calm nerd who is as cold as ice. Andrew is also a brunette but with ice blue eyes. The only difference between the two are there eyes and there attitude.
  Jon and Andrew and a few others from their pack have been let by the Alpha to go to a mundane High School in hope of improving on their actions around humans. But what happens when they meet their mate Evangiline? Who will she choose? What lies are revealed in this new world? And can she escape the lies she has been told most of all of her life? Its up to her to find her true love and take on these untold holes in her life. But can she hold the weight of her world on her shoulders or will she fall to the ground and have her world come crashing down with her?
  I own all the characters and the plot! Please do not steal my ideas! Thanks and Enjoy!!!

fandiot fandiot Mar 13
Person : I have cancer and lost a leg! 
                              School Nurse : Here's a bag of ice sweety..
satkana03 satkana03 Apr 12
Work on the grammar A LOT. It's pretty meh right now, try to show more emotion for the characters.
satkana03 satkana03 Apr 11
While he did that, all my friends around the table chortled in hysteria. Hearing high giggles I looked toward Lizzy. She was squashed between Thomas and Nick.
This is going to be weird for me my older brothers name is jonathan so thats how im seeing it
satkana03 satkana03 Apr 08
First of all, book titles should be short and sweet. Only a few words that sum up the essentials of the book and possibly give it a new layer of meaning. Try to make it more concise.
rosemarymarrose rosemarymarrose Mar 09, 2016
I love it...let me finish reading it then I will gladly comment in the end of this book page ok