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Mad Love (Percabeth AU)

Mad Love (Percabeth AU)

28.3K Reads 1K Votes 11 Part Story
hi By wisegurrrl Updated Dec 14, 2015

We all go a little mad sometimes. Even Percy Jackson, the dark, mysterious guy.

Their worlds never crossed, but what happens if one day they do?

But just when everything is seeming to fall into place, someone shows up into Percy's life that he least expected. Everyone is faced with a giant quest, and they have to make life changing decisions. 

Filled with mystery, romance, and adventure, this percabeth filled story will keep you wondering--what's going to happen next?
DISCLAIMER: I own no characters in this story unless I state otherwise! Rick Riordan does!

kawaiikiid kawaiikiid Apr 15
mmmhhhmmm you gonna be forgetting about that later in the book
kawaiikiid kawaiikiid Apr 15
What. No. That cannot happen. Calypso is so nice and Reyna is bad a** in a cool way. Please don't do this to me.......
kawaiikiid kawaiikiid Apr 15
just because Calypso and Reyna had a crush on Percy doesn't mean there bad people... that's my opinion
kawaiikiid kawaiikiid Apr 15
YAY POTTERHEADS wait... is that suppose to be an insult because IT SURE ISN'T
lol4laughs lol4laughs Feb 26
Why is it always:
                              Writer: who should I put for the mean people in my book. How about Drew, Reyna and Calypso!!!!! That's completely original!!!!!!!!
                              We actually LIKE REYNA AND CALYPSO they're awesome!!!