Mad Love (Percabeth AU)

Mad Love (Percabeth AU)

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hi By wisegurrrl Updated Dec 14, 2015

We all go a little mad sometimes. Even Percy Jackson, the dark, mysterious guy.

Their worlds never crossed, but what happens if one day they do?

But just when everything is seeming to fall into place, someone shows up into Percy's life that he least expected. Everyone is faced with a giant quest, and they have to make life changing decisions. 

Filled with mystery, romance, and adventure, this percabeth filled story will keep you wondering--what's going to happen next?
DISCLAIMER: I own no characters in this story unless I state otherwise! Rick Riordan does!

edr20matrcsfbcca edr20matrcsfbcca Oct 21, 2016
How was that!!!(If you watched Girl meets world you know what I'm talking about)
*pushes glasses up* I have no idea what you're talking about
jelsalover1231 jelsalover1231 Nov 30, 2016
Oh gods Herbert really my guy friend was obsessed with trying to weird me out with a Herbert voice last ysSr and the year befire
Percabethfoever1231 Percabethfoever1231 Nov 08, 2016
My name is Audrey and people call me Oddrey or Aubrey like I'm not kidding
mexigurl12 mexigurl12 2 days ago
Debate is basically arguing without all the punches and extreme even though you really want to
jelsalover1231 jelsalover1231 Nov 30, 2016
In need this teacher and the English teacher from ten things I hate about you not the stupid show but the classic movie with Heath ledger Jospeh Gordon levitt and Julia stiles man that dude was funny