The Book of Yaoi Lemons

The Book of Yaoi Lemons

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pornbot justice By Bocchan_Monster Updated Apr 09

A book of Yaoi lemons for your hearts.

This will have boyXboy, gay, male on male, you know? Two penises? Butt sex? Yeah, that. If you don't like that then this isn't the book for you. 

This will have many different Anime's featuring many different pairings. An abundance of Attack on Titan in the beginning and Voltron: Legendary Defender in recent chapters.

I own none of the characters and/or pairings mentioned in this book

This is a really shitty book, but does get slightly less shitty in later chapters. Have fun if you continue.  I have some wip's, but my updating isnt as fast.

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Everyones calling Levi a pedo, I'm over here like: You're the ones reading thiiisss...
Everyone in here is like 'omg omg pedo omg' and I'm like lol y u read this then
djblondey djblondey Aug 28
I have dreams about Levi to but he is like 5 years older than me so
AzelZly AzelZly Aug 24
I was laughing so hard at the "you will not mouthf*ck me" part
“I could never hurt you. . . “ 
                              Literally beats the crap out of him in the anime/Manga
                              *nearly died from a nosebleed * On to the next one. * shove tissues up her nose *