The Book of Yaoi Lemons

The Book of Yaoi Lemons

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pornbot justice By Bocchan_Monster Updated a day ago

A book of Yaoi lemons for your hearts.

This will have boyXboy, gay, male on male, you know? Two penises? Butt sex? Yeah, that. If you don't like that then this isn't the book for you. 

This will have many different Anime's featuring many different pairings. For example:
Attack on Titan (Ereri/Riren, Eremin, Jeanmarco, ect)
Black Butler (Sebaciel, Claude X Alois, Claude X Sebastian, Ciel X Alois)
Free! (Rin X Haru, Rei X Nagisa, Haru X Makoto, Nitori X Nagisa, Nitori X Rin)

I own none of the characters and/or pairings mentioned in this book

This is a really shitty book, but does get slightly less shitty in later chapters. Have fun if you continue.  I have some pwp, but my updating isnt as fast.

nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Dec 12, 2016
All of us are virgins (I'm one too.... I hate being in love but I can never get da d)
ThatWeirdPenGavin ThatWeirdPenGavin Dec 20, 2016
So it's Levi x Eren not Eren X Levi....... I usually read Ereri but alr
KSwitcher KSwitcher Dec 25, 2016
I've never understood why they say "I love you" AFTER all the sexy fun times!
Double_B_Fujoshi Double_B_Fujoshi Dec 23, 2016
HNNNNNNGGGHH *Mikasa with knaifu in her hand* NUUUUUU MIKASA LET IT HAPPEN!!!!!
ThatWeirdPenGavin ThatWeirdPenGavin Dec 20, 2016
Boi you know nothing... OF COURSE THINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SHOVED UP YOUR ASS! Is it bad that all I had so type was 'of' then keep tapping the middle thing that guesses like what you're going to type??
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Dec 12, 2016
I'm in my classroom.... With guy students behind me..... With no brightness whatsoever.....