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Envy Augustine By EnvyAugustine Completed

Bex Harmin's muse hounds her. Most writers wouldn't mind that but most writers' muses aren't as visible and vocal as Bex's muse, Adder. Adder's the aetherial embodiment of everything she's ever wanted in a man with one glaring exception. He isn't real. Not how it counts. Not that romance figures into her life at all.

At her first big convention as an author, Bex has a table full of books and cool merchandise to sell. She's determined to make a name for herself until she discovers the dealers' room is overbooked and she's been crammed into the walk of fame with all the actors and famous writers where no one is interested in meeting an author they've never heard of. Except for Daniel Quick, the most famous voice actor around.

Daniel takes an interest in Bex and her books and he quickens her pulse as well. It's the first time in a long time a human man's set her imagination aflame and not the aetherial  being who can't leave her alone. Adder doesn't consider the competition friendly and he's out to prove there's only room for one muse in Bex's life.

HadesFlower HadesFlower Jul 13, 2016
I dont really understand this muse thing and the sprites and stuff.. Could anyone explain please..?
mckennalynn584 mckennalynn584 Jul 14, 2016
Hey!! If you could take time out of your day to quickly read my story called FRIENDS TURN TO LOVERS and leave feedback I would really appreciate it!!!
Pixelworm Pixelworm Aug 21, 2016
That moment when you understood what she's talking about xD feel ya gurl
Hyuin-Min Hyuin-Min Nov 04, 2016
Quick? His last name is quick...he must be real quick in doing things I suppose
JasmineManalo162 JasmineManalo162 Aug 03, 2016
im muse in clasroom and i proud  to  teacher and   clasmate  because im  so dipicalt
- - Jul 30, 2015
I suppose that the anime use was a nice touch to help fans of that feel a little more in touch with the story. 
                              Your characters are pretty likable and realistic; however, the anime thing is quite a gamble some people might like while others might hate it, but that depends on the person.